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He Gave Me Hope


I was contacted by David's father in Florida to help him with his claim. At the time, David was lying unconscious in Harborview Medical Center, having sustained life threatening injuries in a very serious car accident in Shoreline, Washington. I checked in with David several times over the next week. Even before he regained consciousness the insurance companies were closing in – trying to get him to sign away his right to a full recovery.

David's recovery was slow, but we were able to protect him from the insurance company shenanigans as his condition improved. Because David was a passenger when the collision took place, two different drivers shared responsibility for causing his injuries. We were able to settle quickly with one insurance company for their policy limits, but the other company insisted their driver was not in any way at fault.

Ultimately our investigation established that their driver did have a share of fault in causing the accident. His insurance company acknowledged that the risk to them at trial was simply too great and after protracted negotiations, they finally agreed to pay their policy limits.

It has truly been a joy to stay in touch with David since his case, and to see how he has recovered from his horrible injuries.

David Weinstock

"Matthew Dubin is one of the few Attorneys I have ever met who truly cares about his clients, and who has, at the same time, the legal savvy and expertise to deliver extremely effective results. When I first met him on a referral from my father, I was lying incapacitated in a hospital bed after a serious car accident. I had very little hope of recouping much in the way of a financial settlement, due to a specific technical detail of the accident itself. Matt Dubin was able to negotiate two favorable financial settlements for me with the insurance companies involved, and I am now recovered and back into my normal life once more. Thank you very much Matt!"

  • Pros: Sincere, knowledgeable, effective, dependable
  • Cons: He only does accident-injury cases, and I wish he did other types of legal work as well!