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Pedestrian Hit By Car: "Who Will Pay My Medical Bills"

You were walking down the street minding your own business you came to an intersection and waited for the light to change when it did change you began to cross in the crosswalk when all of a sudden you were hit by a car maybe they were making a right turn on a red light maybe they ran a stop sign or a traffic light or maybe they just didn't see you but in any event you were injured and now you require medical treatment at some point you'll probably ask yourself who's responsible for paying my medical bills i'm seattle personal injury attorney Matt Dubin join me now as I discuss the mechanics of getting your medical bills paid when your pedestrian who's been hit by a car there are several different insurance options to pay your medical bills when you're an injured pedestrian the primary insurance option is the personal injury protection or PIP coverage for the driver who hit you pip is a no-fault coverage so even if the driver or their insurance is denying liability for causing the accident they're PIP coverage will still pay for your medical bills as long as they're reasonable medically necessary and causally related to the incident now if the driver of the vehicle did not have PIP coverage but you do on your own auto insurance then your PIP coverage is primary and again no-fault needs to be shown the only requirement is reasonableness necessity and accident relatedness and as long as you can show that all of your treatment related to that up to the policy limits will be paid now if you don't have auto insurance or you don't have PIP coverage in the driver who hit you doesn't either the next option is your regular health insurance that you obtained privately or through your employer and in a case like that they may require a showing that there is no other insurance available to pay the claims but upon such a showing your health insurance is primary and again primary means they have the first obligation to pay the bills of course their payments are limited by the terms of your policy and you may have deductibles or co-pays that you need to pay out-of-pocket but that will still allow you to get the treatment that you need now as a last resort if there's no pip and there's no health insurance you can probably find a provider who will treat you on a lien basically that means they'll carry a balance for you until the conclusion of your case when you hopefully make a recovery against the person who caused your injuries and then from that payment you pay back the providers sometimes it's difficult to find healthcare providers who are willing to treat you on a lien but if you've got a strong case and you're represented by an attorney usually you can get the treatment you need on a lien so again there's the driver's pip your own pip your health insurance and as a last resort getting treatment on a lien as always if you have any questions about pedestrian accidents or any other kind of accidents make sure you talk to a qualified personal injury attorney you can always give us a call as well we'd love to hear from you.