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Car accident – knee surgery – spinal surgery – client testimonial – Kearsten and Eric Weeks

Why did you choose the Law Offices of Matthew Dubin?

Kearsten: The biggest reason that we picked him was because he was willing to come to our house when Eric couldn't get out of bed...that was really what it came to.

How has the Law Offices of Matthew Dubin made your life easier?

Kearsten: So Matt made things a lot easier, along with his staff...of just really assuring us that...whatever was going on within our best interest and keeping us, uh, advised and, um, just basically taking that piece of stress off our plates.

How would you recommend the Law Offices of Matthew Dubin to a friend?

Eric: Matt was also in a similar incident...his, his, uh, basically his own self.

Kearsten: Yeah, Matt had advised us through the process ( Eric: Yeah.) that he, like, himself had a very similar surgery to one of Eric's surgeries, and really could understand full circle what it's like to be the victim, the patient ( Eric: Yep.), the... you know, someone being sued, someone suing.

Eric: So he definitely had our backs.

Kearsten: Yeah.