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Crocker Testimonial

My name is Benjamin Isaac Crocker. I was in a car wreck. It was about a year ago now. It was on 167th and somebody hit me to about 60 miles per hour from behind. I was at a dead stop, just you know, waiting on traffic like we all do and it bounced me across two lanes of traffic and I've never been in a car wreck before and of course I needed physical therapy. I had no real worldly sense of where I should go from there and you know, the insurance company was kind enough to talk to me and stuff like that but they were slow with their replies and you know, they seemed hesitant to try to help me, which I mean I can understand at least from their job point of view but I needed help so I came here to the Dubin Law Group and they have been infinitely helpful. I can't even begin to thank them enough. And it was enough so that several months later, my wife was in an accident and I also brought her here. The service has been wonderful. I couldn't ask for more.