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Claim adjuster joke

Tell a joke about claims adjustors there's got to be a good one out there that'll get the crowd going that I'll set the tone and so I started researching and looking online jokes about claims adjusters how many you think I found has anyone here ever heard a joke about a claims adjuster no right how many people have heard lawyer jokes right okay so look I have a sense of humor about it it can be funny but there's so many lawyer jokes right you know what's 20,000 lawyers at the bottom of the sea a good start right the thing is the thing is it sets a tone it sets a tone and I talked about a little in my book what injury victims are up against what we're up against is that perception that lawyers are sharks that lawyers are greedy and that they profit on other people's misery you know the fact is most of my clients are hurting and I feel empathy for them I've been where they are I've been hurt myself and yes I get paid when I get them a recovery but I'm not profiting from their misery I'm profiting because the insurance companies won't do what they agreed to do which is to compensate them for the suffering that they've gone through so in going through this thought process I realized why there aren't any jokes about claims adjusters because it's not funny because their job is to take injured people whose lives have been turned upside down and make sure they don't get what's fair.