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Choosing the right lawyer

I promised I wouldn't go 45 minutes or an hour I have no idea how long I've spoken but I'm just about done choosing the right lawyer for you is another chapter in my book and again it has to do with does your lawyer want to get you what he wants to get you or does he want to understand you and what you need to get from the legal process there's there's a series of questions in my book that I encourage you to ask if you're in that situation any lawyer you meet with and I encourage everybody to meet with more than one there are some lawyers you walk in their office and they're gonna not let you leave until you sign on the dotted line I am NOT one of those lawyers I don't understand why people spend six months researching their next flat-screen TV but they hire the first lawyer they find on Google it doesn't make sense this is more important meet with three or four lawyers to the extent you can judge their competence do so but more important understand that you're embarking on a relationship that could last several years you're going to need to work with this person you're gonna need to trust this person find somebody who you feel a connection with somebody who you believe cares about you and not just about getting paid at the end of the case but really about you and what you and your family need somebody who's gonna be a hero for you when the rest of the world is lined up against you and I try to be that person as much as I can sometimes we're not the right fit and if we're not the right fit then then we encourage them to find somebody who is the right fit but the worst thing you can do is hire the wrong lawyer upfront and then six or twelve months into the case when you realize I've made a terrible mistake and you go looking for another lawyer now not only does it really look bad for your claim but you'll probably have to pay that first lawyer and your new lawyer and once you pay your medical bills and the first lawyer and the second lawyer and thing else involved in your case your chances of getting a decent recovery they're not good so choose the right lawyer initially so you don't have to go through that nightmare.