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BIAWA Brian Injury Alliance of Washington

I want to thank the Brain Injury Association I'm sorry the brain injury alliance of Washington for what they do it's so important and and it sometimes is so overlooked I've been practicing personal injury law for 20 years and the brain injuries that I've seen even the so called mild brain injuries sometimes have been the most devastating of all the injuries that I've seen and they're also the most misunderstood you can't see it from the outside just this weekend I met a new client in Harborview and every part of his body was broken he had broken legs and a broken head broken shoulders and a broken hand he was bruised all over he was still on morphine seven days after the accident and he and his wife looked at me and they said at least he didn't have a brain injury and they're right because he'll heal from those other things he may have some disability but he's going to be okay but I've had clients with brain injury who years later have difficulty and their families have difficulty getting back to work and just functioning in their day to day activity and the brain injury Alliance is out there every day advocating for these people providing services and helping them find the services that they need lobbying for them and educating the public at large about the seriousness and the prevalence of brain injuries and the impact they have so to the brain injury alliance of Washington thank you and if you didn't hear on your way in fifty percent of the book sales today are going straight to the brain injury alliance of Washington so so if you needed another reason to buy some books to buy some Christmas gifts for your friends or family do it for the brain injury alliance.