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Are injuries to passengers in my car covered by my insurance

There's anybody last question go right ahead yeah he's coming up good all right so let's say we we got in an accident right it was the other guy full but you were with a passenger that passenger is a friend of yours but they don't carry health insurance how the the clip actually helped them out to be covering all their hospital bills and everything like that okay so you're saying you're the driver and the passenger is your friend and he gets hurt was it your oh so it's the other cars fault okay okay okay if you have so you're driving and you've got a friend who's your passenger and you get hit by another car and you both get hurt that's it right okay if you have personal injury protection on your insurance that will cover you and your friend and that's a no-fault coverage so it doesn't matter whose fault it was if he was in your car and you've got personal injury protection it will cover you and him and you both get the same if you have thirty five thousand dollars it's thirty five thousand dollars for each of you that's why you want to make sure you have good personal injury protection that's really the only way you can take care of him now if you've got uninsured motorist coverage the guy who hit you doesn't have any insurance he can make a claim on your uninsured motorist coverage now that's not a claim against you it's a claim against your insurance company because you were hit by somebody who is uninsured it should not raise your premiums it should not affect your insurance record it's just you being smart enough to protect yourself and your passengers by making sure you have that uninsured motorist coverage and so it's your insurance that will protect both you and your passengers if you get hit by somebody who doesn't have insurance and thanks for the question last call anybody else all right let's give them that dupe in a big hand Matt Dubin.