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What are Interrogatories?

interrogatories.jpgAnytime a lawsuit is filed, there is a period of time during which the two sides exchange information about the case. This period is called discovery. During discovery, one tool available to all attorneys is interrogatories. Interrogatories are written questions that must be answered under oath.

How many distracted drivers are on Seattle roads?

By now, Seattle residents are likely aware that distracted driving is a problem, both in Washington and around the country. The dangers of distracted driving are also pretty clear; the news is full of reports of people who have been involved in serious, sometimes fatal car accidents due to a driver looking at a phone or being distracted from the task of driving in some other way. But, in reality, how many people are there on the roads who are driving while also dealing with some distraction or another, thereby putting everyone at risk?

What is 'proximate cause' in a Seattle car accident?

From the time we are children, we learn that being careless can bring about unwanted consequences. When we were told to pick up our toys so our parents didn't trip and "break their necks," we were getting a lesson not only in carelessness, but also in causation. The fact that the act of leaving the toys out (or alternatively phrased, the inaction of not picking them up,) might be the cause of injury to someone we cared about was meant to instill some kind of sense of responsibility for what we did.

What is 'duty' and 'breach' in a Seattle car accident?

Last week, we touched very briefly on the fact that the legal concept of negligence is often used by parties who need to be compensated for injuries incurred in a motorcycle accident. The same is true when other motor vehicles are involved in crashes as well. When people talk about a car crash having been someone's 'fault,' what they generally are referring to is the fact that some individual acted negligently.

Natural brain reactions can lead to being a distracted driver

It might seem obvious for drivers in Washington State and across the nation to pay strict attention to the road and avoid behaviors that might lead to them being a distracted driver and causing an accident. However, the number of people who are texting and driving and committing other behaviors that involve smartphones and other devices is increasing. Invariably, this leads to the growing statistics of people who are injured or killed in an auto accident. It is beneficial to know why people look away from the road and at their devices when driving. Researchers are seeking to determine the cause that sparks the potentially damaging effect.

Matt Dubin Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

ATA_Lifetime (002).jpgAnnouncing the Lifetime Achievement selection of Matthew D. Dubin among America's Top 100 Attorneys®. Lifetime Achievement selection to America's Top 100 Attorneys® is by invitation only and is reserved to identify the nation's most exceptional attorneys whose accomplishments and impact on the legal profession merit a Lifetime Achievement award.

Judge or Jury

judge 2.jpgWhen most people think of a trial, they imagine a courtroom scene with a judge, a bailiff, the parties and lawyers, and a jury of twelve people who get to decide the case. While this is a fairly common scene, it isn't always how it works. Either side in a civil trial can demand a jury, but sometimes the parties decide to waive the right to a jury trial and have a judge decide the case. This is called a bench trial, and it has benefits and disadvantages relative to a jury trial.

Reckless driver sends deputy to hospital after car crash

A car accident can happen to anyone in Washington State and come without warning. No one is immune to the injuries and fatalities that can result from a car crash. Even those whose job it is to investigate and help people who have been in an auto accident can be in a crash themselves, suffering the aftereffects. A crash can have wide-ranging ramifications and those who have been affected need to know their legal rights even if their loved ones were a first-responders.

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