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Ride share services a new frontier in Seattle injury law

Previous posts here have discussed various mass transit accidents and the damage they can do to the vehicle's passengers, as well as members of the public. While conveyance methods such as busses, taxis and ferries have been around for a hundred years or more, and there are some fairly well-settled rules when it comes to liability involving such companies, there is a new kid on the block of urban transportation: ride-sharing.

How many distracted drivers are on Seattle roads?

By now, Seattle residents are likely aware that distracted driving is a problem, both in Washington and around the country. The dangers of distracted driving are also pretty clear; the news is full of reports of people who have been involved in serious, sometimes fatal car accidents due to a driver looking at a phone or being distracted from the task of driving in some other way. But, in reality, how many people are there on the roads who are driving while also dealing with some distraction or another, thereby putting everyone at risk?

Why is "subrogation" important in Seattle motorcycle accidents?

Previous posts here have covered the basics of negligence in a Washington personal injury lawsuits arising from a car or motorcycle accident. Those previous posts have focused on the way an injured person could attempt to recover damages from another person who had caused the injury through carelessness. However, as many Seattle residents are no doubt aware, the two drivers are hardly ever the only ones involved in the aftermath of a motorcycle accident.

Seattle could be liable in fatal accident involving bicyclist

Most Seattle residents are probably aware that the loved ones of people killed in accidents may have some legal rights to compensation if someone else is at fault. Most of the time, people likely think of these situations as those in which the family must look to a negligent driver who was to blame for the death. However, as one local case may show, motorists are not the only ones who have legal duties to those who use the public roads.

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