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Negligence a common aspect of Seattle motorcycle accidents

As summer approaches, the Pacific Northwest's winter will give way to more pleasant weather that will see Seattle residents getting outside more often, and partaking in activities that are curtailed in the colder and wetter months. One of these is riding motorcycles along the highways and byways of Washington, taking in both the lively urban activity and the pastoral rural beauty. Unfortunately, along with more motorcycles on the road comes the heightened danger of motorcycle accidents.

When do the most fatal accidents occur in Seattle?

Automobiles are a necessary evil for most people in the United States. Getting to and from work, or the store, or to the kids' ballgames or dance recitals generally requires that people have at least one family car to transport them. Even in relatively urban areas like Seattle, suburban sprawl and sometimes inadequate public transport means cars are common. Unfortunately, especially in cities, this means residents are exposed every day to the possibility of being killed in an accident on crowded streets.

CDC statistics shed some light on pedestrian accidents

Summer time is coming, and here in the Pacific Northwest, that means a chance for many residents to get outside and enjoy milder weather after a long winter of being cooped up. Especially in an urban area like Seattle, this involves an increase in the number of people walking the city's streets, either to get from place to place, or just exercise and feel the sun on their faces. Unfortunately, with more pedestrians comes an increased chance of pedestrian-automobile collisions. These can be some of the most harrowing accidents there because of the serious and sometimes fatal injuries that a pedestrian can suffer in such crashes.

'Duck Bus' accidents take toll on industry in Seattle

Readers from the Seattle area know that in a city like this one, mass transit is a necessary way to get people from place to place. They are also likely aware that the city is a tourist destination and that the money brought in by tourists is a boon to the regional economy. One sight that residents may have seen is that of 'Duck Boats' or busses traveling the streets and waterways of Seattle.

Safety experts call for action to halt rising accident fatalities

An alarming rise in traffic accident deaths has safety experts calling for action. Traffic accident related fatalities increased six percent from last year and 14 percent from 2014. Accidents continue to become more common around the nation for many reasons.

Natural brain reactions can lead to being a distracted driver

It might seem obvious for drivers in Washington State and across the nation to pay strict attention to the road and avoid behaviors that might lead to them being a distracted driver and causing an accident. However, the number of people who are texting and driving and committing other behaviors that involve smartphones and other devices is increasing. Invariably, this leads to the growing statistics of people who are injured or killed in an auto accident. It is beneficial to know why people look away from the road and at their devices when driving. Researchers are seeking to determine the cause that sparks the potentially damaging effect.

A fool for a client

_MG_0037.jpgEvery now and then, someone asks me what was the most important thing I learned in my three years of law school at the University of Washington. My answer, without hesitation, has been the same since I graduated in 1995: "If you have a legal situation, hire an appropriately qualified lawyer."

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