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Car crash closes Ballard Bridge, critically injuries three

For Washingtonians, few things are more commonplace than getting in a car, whether to go to work, to the store or to see a friend. And yet getting in a car is also one of the most dangerous things that a person will do each day. Consider a recent car accident.

Wearing a helmet offers physical and legal protection

Washington, like many other states, requires motorcyclists to wear helmets. While not popular with everyone, the law is designed to protect motorcyclists involved in a motorcycle accident. But physical protection is not the only reason why Washingtonians should wear a helmet. Another reason is legal. To learn what that reason is, keep reading.

What kinds of harm can be claimed in a car-accident lawsuit?

Does-every-accident-increase-car-insurance-rates1.jpgNo one likes to think that they will be in a car crash. But accidents happen every day throughout Washington state. For motorists unlucky enough to be part of these accidents, an important question quickly emerges: What types of damage can they get compensated for following a car accident? For the answer, keep reading.

Two-car accident closes busy street

Getting in a car may seem commonplace. After all, many motorists in Washington safely use a car every day. But the reality is that hitting the road in a car is one of the most dangerous things a person does during his or her day. Think about it: Driving involves traveling at high speeds while surrounded by hulking pieces of metal weighing thousands of pounds. All it takes is a bad choice or a moment of inattentiveness for those massive pieces of metal to slam into each other. Consider a recent example.

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