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What is a common carrier?

Ever ridden on a bus, a cruise ship or commercial airplane? If you have, then you have ridden on a common carrier; i.e., a company in the business of transporting people or goods. These carriers are liable for accidents caused by their vehicles, if the plaintiff can prove the common carrier was negligent.

Fault is not always easy to determine

To cast blame is an all-too-human instinct, especially in the case of a fatal accident. But, as the saying goes, there are generally three sides to any story: their side, your side and the truth. So too in the law, which allows a person being sued for an accident to defend themselves by arguing that at least some of the responsibility for the accident lies with the person who filed the lawsuit.

Who we are, what we do, and why we do it

HANDSHAKE.jpgOur employee manual is a constant work in progress. We continually evaluate and refine our policies and procedures to make sure we are always providing the most efficient and effective representation to our clients. The one thing that doesn't change is our core values and the philosophy of the firm. This is how our manual begins, and it is the first thing every new employee reads before they start working here.

Risk factors at play in motorcycle accidents

With the summer rapidly coming to a close, now is the time for motorcycle enthusiasts to hit the road and log some miles. But, with those extra miles will unfortunately come the extra risk of motorcycle accidents. The first step in minimizing those accidents is to understand common risk factors.

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