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Fatal bus accident with cyclist in Seattle under investigation

Residents and visitors in Seattle use various forms of transportation methods to get to their destinations in the city. Whether an individual uses a personal car or public transportation, a variety of vehicles share the road. Because of that, automobiles, buses, cyclists and pedestrians often interact with one another on city and residential streets throughout the city and metro area. While metro buses are an excellent way to reduce the costs and pollution associated with personal vehicles, these large buses present some dangers to passengers and other travelers on the roadways.

Establishing negligence in an auto-pedestrian collision

While most Seattle residents travel by motor vehicle, many people in the city are frequently pedestrians. Whether this is because they choose to walk, are walking in a parking lot, traveling on a sidewalk or are crossing the street in a crosswalk, many individuals become a pedestrian at some point. Although walking to and from our destinations is a great form of exercise and is relatively safe, being a pedestrian presents several dangers to individuals. Because motor vehicles are often present when pedestrians walk, there is always a chance that an auto-pedestrian accident could occur.

Seeking compensation for a school bus accident

Children across the state of Washington are required to go to school. For many of these children, a school bus is the only way they ever get to and from their classrooms. Parents put a lot of trust in school bus companies and school bus drivers. Parents trust that these companies are doing their due diligence when it comes to maintaining the vehicle and hiring competent bus drivers. Parents are also trusting that bus drivers are paying attention to the roadways and driving safely.

What's up with Lithium-Ion Batteries?

13220001_616822981808558_1623274794_n.jpgI'm not an expert on lithium-ion batteries, but I'm starting to notice a trend. Whether we're talking about laptops, cellphones, hoverboards, e-cigarettes or other devices, when fires and explosions take place, it seems that it's usually not the device itself, but the battery that is the cause. Click on the image for a useful infographic on battery safety.

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