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What is a motorcycle license endorsement?

As the weather warms up this spring, many Washington residents will ride motorcycles. For some, motorcyclists this may be a fun recreational activity. For others, motorcycle use may be their main form of transportation. In either case, individuals need to understand what is required of them to legally ride a motorcycle in the state of Washington.

Understanding auto-pedestrian accidents in Washington

Car accidents take place on a daily basis throughout Seattle, Washington. However, until a car accident happens to a particular individual, that person may not think about the consequences of a car accident. The car accident can lead to many devastating outcomes. Not only can individuals see serious injuries, but many people will lose their lives because of a negligent driver.

The connection between distracted driving and car accidents

Car drivers have a responsibility to keep everyone on the roadway safe. They do this by giving their full attention to the roadway and by following traffic safety laws. It is important for drivers to follow these rules in order to avoid devastating car accidents.

Lawyers don't have to be rude to be effective

angry-man.jpgI believe in being a strong and aggressive advocate for my clients. I believe that injured people deserve to be compensated for their injuries and the effect on their lives, and I am prepared to use the full extent of the law to obtain a complete recovery for my clients. But there is a big and important difference between being aggressive and being unprofessional. I always conduct myself with professionalism and courtesy to everyone involved in my clients' claims. This professionalism starts with my clients themselves, and extends to their families, their doctors, as well as the insurance personnel and the opposing attorney. While I have found that most attorneys share this value and attempt to treat me and my clients with courtesy and respect even while disputing the claim, some claims adjusters and attorneys are consistently rude and antagonistic for no good reason. Perhaps they think being rude will intimidate me. Perhaps they think that to be a good advocate, they have to be insulting and dismissive of the other side, making demands and threats without regard for the other side's needs. In my experience, claims adjusters and attorneys like this are doing their clients a great disservice and making a favorable outcome less likely.

Distracted driver kills 1 on Washington highway

It only takes an instant for a person's life to completely change. When it comes to motor vehicles, even a simple mistake can result in a fatal accident that leaves a wake of devastation in its path. These accidents can completely change the shape of a family forever.

How dangerous are pedestrian accidents for children?

Most Washington residents understand that cars can be dangerous. Adults have the ability to recognize the risk of large motor vehicles. However, children may not have the same awareness. Drivers need to take care to avoid children who are playing in or near the roadway.

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