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Seek justice for your motorcycle accident injuries

As spring turns to summer, more motorcyclists will be hitting the open road. Whether they are seeking the thrill and beauty of the ride or an easy and inexpensive form of transportation, motorcyclists deserve to be able to ride safely. They should be able to ride without the fear of a car turning into their path, a distracted driver rear-ending a motorcyclist or any number of devastating motorcycle accidents.

What hazards to motorcyclists face on roadways?

Residents of Seattle may have noticed warmer weather returning to the state of Washington. With this warmer weather, greater numbers of motorcyclists are hitting the roadways. These smaller vehicles are not only fun to ride, but they help people save money on maintenance and fuel costs. Despite their many perks, however, motorcyclists should understand the dangers associated with motorcycles. Riders of these small vehicles often fall victim to negligent drivers and other hazards on the road. Motorcycles are not just smaller versions of cars, and therefore, face their own unique dangers.

Motorcyclists can help keep themselves safe

Motorcyclists have few protections against an accident. Unlike cars -- which have airbags, steel and safety glass - motorcycles offer little in the way of protection. Motorcyclists must rely on their own skill and the attention of others in order to remain safe.

What are the risks of a spinal cord injury on a motorcycle?

While Washington residents can suffer serious injuries in a car accident, a motorcycle accident comes with even bigger risks. Motorcycles do not provide the protection - including the structural enclosure, seatbelts, safety glass, air bags and more - that cars provide.

Motorcycle involved in accident after driver runs red

As spring heats up in Washington many motorcyclists are happy to hit the open road once again. However, motorcyclists should be aware that many drivers are not aware of their presence. Some drivers in the Seattle area do not pay attention to these smaller vehicles which increases the possibility of an accident. In a motorcycle accident, motorcyclists are extremely susceptible to injuries since their vehicles offer so little protection.

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