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Fatal accident leaves Washington family without breadwinner

A car accident can cause more than few bumps and bruises. In many cases, car accidents cause serious and fatal injuries that can affect the members of a Washington family for the rest of their lives. Not only are there the emotional and physical wounds, but car accidents can cause serious financial issues. For a family that is grieving the loss of a loved one, these financial issues can be an unwanted and added stress.

A bus accident can be scary and may require legal protection

When a person is injured by a bus, it can be extremely scary. People may walk away from an accident happy just to have survived. Sadly, many people are not that lucky. Whether a person suffered injuries as a passenger on the bus, in a car or as a pedestrian, it can be difficult for them to know where to go from here.


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Staying safe near transit buses

In large cities like Seattle, mass transit systems are extremely important. City busses allow large groups of people to easily and cost-effectively move around the city. Without a proper mass transit system, many people who could not afford cars could be stranded and others would be stuck dealing with even larger amounts of traffic. While city buses provide a valuable service to the residents of Seattle, they can also pose some danger. These large buses can easily cause serious injuries to pedestrians and other drivers should a bus accident occur.

How can you tell if a coach bus is safe?

When people think about traveling by bus, they may think about a school bus. While a school bus is an important method of travel for many of Washington State's children, other buses are frequently used by Washington residents. From city buses to coach buses, bus travel is important for many residents on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, it is important that this method of transportation is safe. Just like with other modes of transportation, the risk of serious accidents increases if proper safety measures are not taken.

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