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Child restraint systems and bus accidents

Many Washington residents understand the importance of child safety seats and restraint systems. These devices help keep even the youngest children and babies safe as they travel in cars. Without the proper use of a car seat or restraint system, young children can be violently thrown around in an accident and sustain serious -- even fatal -- injuries. In some situations, school buses use child restraint systems to keep young children safe. These systems need to be maintained and updated to ensure they are in good working order for the children who rely on them.

Washington senator proposes new motorcycle legislation

In Washington, motorcyclists are held to the same laws as every other driver. However, motorcycles are not like every other vehicle on the road. Their small size makes them susceptible to accidents. And, these vehicles offer little protection to the people who ride them. In some cases, treating motorcycles differently can help to save lives.

Who can benefit from a wrongful death action in Washington?

When a person is involved in a motor vehicle accident, there is always the possibility of serious injuries. While cars and trucks have a lot of safety features, they cannot prevent against every possible scenario. Unfortunately, many accidents result in fatalities. This leaves Washington families trying to pick up the pieces after their loved one unexpectedly passes away.

Recovering from a car accident is tough -- but possible

A car accident is jolting -- literally. In a car accident, a person's body can go through significant trauma. Serious injuries -- like a head injury, spinal cord injury or internal trauma -- can make it impossible for a person to survive without medical intervention. People may spend weeks, months or years recovering from these injuries. Sometimes, people will spend the rest of their lives struggling with the effects of a car accident.

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