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Keep yourself safe -- pedestrian safety tips

In large cities, like Seattle, it is not unusual for people to walk more than they drive a vehicle. With the city's mass transit system and the close proximity between business and residential areas, pedestrian traffic is significant.

What types of injuries are caused by car accidents?

In a recent post, this blog discussed the case of a fatal car accident. In that accident, one person was injured and two people were killed in a collision between two cars in Sammamish. Accidents, like this one, often remind people just how dangerous it can be to drive in a car, especially when other drivers can be so dangerous. It may make people think about all the different injuries that can be caused when a person is in a car accident.

Two killed in Sammamish car accident

Cars are so common in our culture that it is easy to forget that they are machines, and just like any other piece of machinery there are risks involved in operating it. Instead, many Washington residents look at cars and think that they are just like any other consumer good. However, they really need to be treated differently. When people step into a car, they need to give the task of driving their full and undivided attention. If people get into a car without this type of attitude, serious car accidents can occur.

Making the Most of your Deposition

This post is an excerpt from the blog of Idaho attorney Kurt Holzer of the firm Holzer Edwards. It offers some great advice of what to do, and what not to do, during your deposition. We spend a lot of time with our clients before their depositions making sure they are prepared, and these tips are just a few of the things we usually cover. These seven valuable guidelines are reprinted with the permission of Mr. Holzer:

We're moving! (well, not really)

You ever feel like you just don't have enough space? That's how we've been feeling for a while in our space. We are committed to providing hands-on service to all of our clients, but that means we need people working on their files and we need places for those people to work. If you've been to our office in the last year, you know that we make very efficient use of our small space, but we've finally outgrown it. That being said, we LOVE our building. What's a growing lawfirm to do?

School bus safety in Washington

Most Washington parents only want the best for their children, so each morning they pack their children up and send them to school. For many of these children, that means a ride on a school bus. These large commercial vehicles are then responsible for ensuring that people's children get to and from school safely.

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