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Can Seattle's bicyclists ride at night?

Bicycles are a popular choice for many of Seattle's residents. Not only can they be fun, but they provide good exercise and are cheap to maintain. Bicycles, however, like many pedestrians can be put at risk when other drivers do not pay attention to the roadways. Bikes are smaller and can be easy for distracted drivers to miss. In these situations, bicycle accidents can easily lead to serious injury or death since bikes do not provide the same amount of protection that larger vehicles can.

Washington motorcyclists and the right to use the road

In the last few days of summer, many motorcyclists are out enjoying Seattle's roadways. Unfortunately, this isn't always the safest way to travel. These motorcycles are prone to motorcycle accidents due to the negligence of others. Motorcycles do not provide the protection that larger vehicles are afforded. In some cases, other drivers may feel like motorcycles are a distraction on the road. Motorcycles have a bad reputation, in some cases, for disregarding traffic rules. Therefore, some drivers may think that motorcyclists have a right to be on Washington's roadways.

Find peace of mind after a bus accident with our help

Mass transit is important in large cities like Seattle. Buses, in particular, provide a valuable service and help to keep traffic to a minimum. However, these large vehicles can present a hazard to others. Without the right care, people inside the buses, bicyclists, pedestrians and other vehicles can be put at risk. The large size of a bus can easily cause massive injuries resulting in significant and unexpected expenses for crash victims.

Family files suit after Washington teen killed by bus

An 18-year-old Washington teenager was killed in a bus accident in June. The teen had been walking to work when she was hit by a transit bus. Recently, the driver of the bus that failed to stop for the woman has been criminally cited. She has been charged with failing to stop and remain stopped for a pedestrian and for driving carelessly. The teen was killed just three days before she was due to graduate high school.

Take (the whole office) out to the ballgame!

Ball GameOur staff works really hard. Sometimes they just deserve a break. We gave them one last Wednesday when we closed the office early and headed down to Safeco field for the Mariners game. The Ms lost to Texas, but a good time was had by all, and we came back to the office on Thursday refreshed and ready to fight for our clients again.

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