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Erratic lane change blamed for Seattle car accident

Inattentive drivers pose a variety of hazards on Washington roadways. When drivers are texting and driving, eating in their cars, chatting on the phone or day dreaming, they can miss important signals from drivers around them. They can also fail to notice smaller vehicles, pedestrians and others near the roadways. In these cases, distracted drivers are likely negligent. A negligent driver is one that fails to act as a reasonable driver would under the same or similar circumstances.

Washington woman in critical condition after pedestrian accident

Washington residents don't always drive everywhere. Often people enjoy walking from place to place, particularly in the city of Seattle. When people walk, they avoid the costs associated with driving, help the environment and get exercise. As a result, roadways are often designed to safely accommodate both pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Family files suit following deadly bus accident

A Washington family has filed a lawsuit against a bus company following a serious accident that occurred last year. During the bus accident, an SUV carrying the family was driving on an overpass through a green light when a transit bus ran a red light and smashed into the family's car.

West Seattle man killed after motorcycle rear-ended

Motorists should always pay attention to the traffic that is in front of them. While it can be easy to zone out while driving, motorists that stay alert can avoid unnecessary accidents and injuries. When drivers fail to notice a motorcycle on the roadway, they risk tremendous damage. Even accidents at low speeds can cause life altering and fatal injuries.

Man killed by reckless driver

A car accident can cause a lot of headaches for all those involved. It can cause property damage, insurance claims and minor injuries; but, in many cases car accidents are much more serious than this. Fatal car accidents can occur at any time in Washington and turn a family's world upside down.

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