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Truck flips over on Washington roadway, killing another driver

Large trucks are dangerous not only because of their size, but also because they often carry dangerous materials. While many trucks carry consumer goods, others carry chemicals, construction materials and other hazardous things that can compound the damage caused by a truck in an accident. With the presence of this dangerous load, a truck accident can easily turn deadly.

New helmet works to prevent motorcycle accidents

A new type of motorcycle helmet is set to start testing later this spring. This helmet - called the smart phone of helmets - helps to protect Washington motorcyclists from the dangers of riding a motorcycle. This helmet is equipped with a rear-view camera that gives drivers feedback to a screen in the corner of the helmet.

Car accidents widespread during recent snow storm

Winter weather has recently hit Seattle and the surrounding areas hard. While the first two major storms were relatively quiet, the most recent storm has left a string of car accidents for people to deal with. According to reports, people in the area saw anywhere from two to six inches of snow. Some cities even saw as much as seven inches. These snow totals left the roads dangerous and has been blamed for a number of accidents in the area.

Washington Bus collides with SUV, leading to injuries

Washington police are investigating an accident between an SUV and a commercial bus that has left three people with injuries. According to police, a casino bus - which was empty at the time of the accident - hit an SUV before its driver lost control and crashed into a nearby building. Following the accident, the bus driver and two passengers in the SUV were hurt and taken to local hospitals. Witnesses say that two other people fled from the SUV following the accident, however, it is not known whether they were hurt in the bus accident.

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