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Washington woman hit by car on sidewalk

In a busy city like Seattle, Washington pedestrians are everywhere. Many people rely on mass transit to get around or choose to walk to their destination. In either case, people are not using cars, but rely on the sidewalks and crosswalks to safely get from point A to point B.

Motorcyclist injured by suspected drunk driver

Despite the cooler winter temperatures, many people are still enjoying their motorcycles in Washington. These vehicles provide quick and cheap transportation for many citizens. However, motorcycles and their riders are often not given proper respect on the roadways -- no matter what time of year they are riding. In many cases, drivers do not look for or yield to motorcyclists' right of way. This can cause dangerous motorcycle accidents that have devastating effects for riders.

Would You Trust Your Surgery to a Robot?

da vinci.jpgRecently the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) scrutinized the surgical robot following reports of death. This scrutiny has resulted in a series of recalls and warnings. We at the Law Offices of Matthew D. Dubin are deeply concerned about this growing problem.

Driver killed in head-on accident near Snohomish, Washington

Drivers need to be in complete control over their vehicles at all times -- day or night. Many accidents occur simply because drivers take their mind or eyes off the road for a few seconds. Simple tasks like texting, eating, chatting or reaching for something can all become deadly if done behind the wheel of a moving car or truck.

New Year's Eve car accident kills two in Washington

Drunk drivers are a hazard to everyone on Seattle's roadways. Yet, every year many people get behind the wheel of their car and drive drunk. When this happens, serious drunk driving accidents can occur that can leave people with serious injuries. Around the holidays, in particular, drunk driving accidents are common.

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