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Victims of bus accident bring $700 million lawsuit

Buses are an everyday part of many Washington residents' lives. Some people rely on school buses to take their children to school, others use mass transit busses to get to work and others ride on coach buses to take them on vacation. Whatever the reason people are riding a bus, Washington residents expect that the bus drivers are attentive, well rested and ready to get them safely to their destination. However, that sadly is not always the case. With even small mistakes on the part of the bus driver or the bus company, a serious bus accident can occur.

Man hit by car in North Seattle is seriously injured

Seattle drivers know that they need to share the roadways with pedestrians, bicyclists and other vehicles. However, it is easy for these drivers to get distracted and fail to notice everyone around them. In these situations, tragedy can strike -- particularly if an auto-pedestrian accident occurs. Pedestrian accidents are generally even more serious than other types of accidents since pedestrians have virtually no protection against a car. Therefore, serious injuries including broken bones, head injuries and death are common.

Washington woman killed by driver who was texting and speeding

There are so many things that can distract Washington drivers. There are other drivers, billboards, lights, the weather, the radio, passengers, food and cell phones. Seattle area drivers need to be particularly careful to not let any of these distractions take their attention away from the road when they are driving. Even momentarily lapses in attention can have devastating effects -- as the family of a 57-year-old woman understand.

Four injured in accident caused by stolen car in Seattle

Reckless drivers don't often care about the people around them. They break traffic rules, drive drunk and put people in danger. When people drive carelessly, serious car accidents happen.

Washington motorcyclist hit and injured in crash at red light

For some Washington residents, there is nothing better than riding a motorcycle. People use motorcycles as cheap and fun transportation. However, they do have a dangerous side. When people aren't careful, motorcycle accidents can easily occur. In the media, motorcyclists are often portrayed as the reason these accidents happen. Motorcycle riders are seen as reckless and dangerous people who have a never ending need to ride quickly and dangerously.

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