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Sorority members injured in bus accident with tractor trailer

Washington is home to many colleges and universities, most of which have to figure out a way to transport large groups of students at times. The best way to transport groups of people is often via bus. This type of transport is also more economical than cars because buses can transport more individuals at once. There are dangers to taking a bus, however. A bus usually does not have the same safety features as a car, such as an airbag or a seat belt for every occupant. These differences can make bus accidents even more dangerous for both passengers and others on the road.

Three car accidents in one weekend leave five people dead

In a progressive area like Seattle, there are many easy ways to get around town. Individuals can walk, bike or take a bus. Of course, the most common way to get to work or run errands is to drive a car. Driving can efficiently and conveniently get anyone and their family to and from any place they need to go. There is no relying on a bus schedule and cars can easily be used in inclement weather.

Backup camera rules take a backseat, pedestrians still at risk

In an accident between a motor vehicle and a pedestrian, it is very often the pedestrian that suffers the most. Because of how vulnerable people on the street are, being struck by a car can result in catastrophic injuries. In many cases, pedestrians suffer broken bones, spinal cord injuries, head trauma and even death if they get hit by a car. This is why it is crucial for drivers to be attentive and cautious behind the wheel. 

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