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Washington semi hits bridge, cars topple into Skagit River

When driving on the road or highway, it is easy to forget all of the possible dangers around. The potential hazards on the roadway are many even aside from the other cars and trucks. When going over a bridge most never even think of the peril that could befall. A car accident on a bridge is a horrific occurrence that can sometimes happen.

Seattle bicyclist dies in collision with semi

With warmer weather on its way there are more bicyclists on the roads. Many people see cycling to work as a healthier alternative to driving. In Seattle it is even Bike to Work month with many people cycling their way to their jobs instead of using other means. With more cyclists sharing the road the chance of a car accident is also higher.

Washington fatal car accident, pick-up crosses barrier

Accidents are scary and often tragic. It is especially difficult when the accident is caused by the wrongdoing of another motorist. A fatal car accident can sometimes fall under wrongful death laws when there is adequate proof.

Seattle drivers reminded to watch for motorcycles

With the change of season and improvement in weather, there are a likelihood of more motorcycles on Seattle streets and highways. It may be easy for some motorists to forget when driving that there may be smaller vehicles such as motorcycles sharing the road. Motorcycles may be missed in the blind spots or hidden from view from other larger vehicles such as SUV's. This can be a disastrous situation for motorcyclists who are especially susceptible to serious injury in a motorcycle accident.

Dangerous driver causes two car accidents

Here in Seattle, minor traffic accidents are a part of life. While most people understand the importance of getting the other driver's information, getting out of the roadway to prevent back-ups and reporting damages to their insurance, some people who are involved in car accidents believe that they can avoid responsibility by fleeing the scene.

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