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Washington bus driver causes accident

Everyday children and teenagers pile onto school busses. Whether it's just another regular day of class or a field trip or sporting event, parents and caregivers all trust the bus driver to carry their children safely to the desired destination. Driving a school bus is an enormous responsibility and should be treated as such.

Freedom, Responsibility and the Law

As anyone who knows me can tell you, I am an outspoken advocate for liberty. I believe each of us should have the maximum amount of freedom to make decisions regarding how we educate our children, earn a living, obtain healthcare, use our property and spend our free time. Sometimes I am asked how this commitment to freedom is consistent with the work I do as an attorney. The answer is simple. I believe that without a credible, reliable mechanism to hold people and corporations responsible for their actions, meaningful freedom is not possible. Through my firm's involvement in the civil justice system, we strive to be that mechanism.

Driver in Washington critically injured after car accident

Washington residents may be interested to learn that the State Patrol is searching for witnesses to an accident. The car accident occurred recently on State Route 527. According to reports, the driver of an SUV vehicle crossed the median and began driving in the opposite direction of the highway when it collided head on with a Freightliner tractor. Fortunately, the reports do not indicate that the driver of the tractor suffered any injuries in the crash.

Seattle family struck by a car while crossing the street

Unfortunately, tragedy can occur at any moment on the streets of Seattle. Recently, an entire family was hit by a car while crossing the street in a residential area of Seattle. It is believed that the driver that struck the group was driving drunk at the time of the accident. He was arrested, and is currently being held on $2.5 million bail. The victims of this horrific accident are a 33 year old woman, her 10 day old son and the paternal grandparents of the child.

Fatal car accident in Seattle leaves two dead, two others injured

Even though drunk driving is illegal and dangerous, many people still engage in it. Unfortunately, it can often lead to serious consequences. A Seattle car-pedestrian accident that happened on March 25 has led to two deaths, with two others suffering from severe injuries. The fatal car accident was caused by a man who was apparently driving while impaired.

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