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Hit-and-run pedestrian accident sends student to Seattle hospital

Questions abound as police try to sort through conflicting witness reports for any useful information that will help track down the driver to blame for a hit-and-run that sent a Western Washington University freshman and her friend to the hospital on January 18. The freshman suffered severe injuries that prompted doctors to have her transported to a Seattle Hospital for surgery.

Dog Bite Liability by guest contributor Aronberg & Aronberg, a Florida Injury Law Firm

In this blog, we're going to discuss some facets of personal injury law related to dog bite liability (mostly pertaining to Florida). In Florida, there is what's known as "strict liability" with dog bites. When it comes to man's best friend, some of the most fondly recalled memories include playing fetch, going on walks and watching your canine companion amuse him/herself with a dog bone. Unfortunately, these examples don't compose the entirety of human relations with dogs. Sometimes dogs act out and severely--or fatally--injure their human victim. It's important to know about dog bite laws, especially in Florida; be aware of the fact that the law is on your side. Section 767.04 of the Florida code deals with this area of the law, and we're going to explain the most important pieces of the law in this blog.

Fault finding can be critical in Washington bike accidents

Even though Washington state law treats bicycles and motor vehicles as equals with respect to traffic laws, Seattle residents probably recognize a certain degree of tension when it comes to sharing the road. That tension comes to the forefront in the aftermath of any car accident involving a bicyclist. More often than not, the central issue in litigation over accident-related damages turns out to be a determination of who is at fault.

Seattle bicyclist goes for coffee after being hit by public bus

Seattle residents have a reputation for loving their coffee. On January 8, a local 32-year-old may have helped solidify that reputation by making a nearby coffee shop his first stop after being hit by a bus while trying to cross Third Avenue on his bicycle.

Washington residents among bus accident victims

Investigators say that it may take a month or longer to determine whether the driver was at fault for the December 30 crash that sent a private bus over the edge of a winding mountain road and killed at least three people with ties to Washington state and the Seattle area. The bus accident resulted in at least nine fatalities and forced rescue crews to struggle with the challenge of retrieving injured victims from the bottom of a 200 foot slope in winter conditions.

Hit-and-run accident marks Christmas Eve for Seattle bicyclist

For most people, Christmas Eve is a day filled with preparations for holiday events and family gatherings. For one unfortunate Seattle bicyclist, though, Christmas Eve may have been filled instead with physical pain and suffering after an early-morning traffic accident.

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