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Report: Seattle drivers are not the worst, but far from the best

A recent report suggests that drivers in Seattle could probably use a refresher course on safe driving practices. According to Allstate Insurance Company, Seattle drivers are 27 percent more likely that those in other large U.S. cities to get into a car accident. In fact, of the country's 200 largest cities, when it comes to the risk of getting into an auto collision Seattle drivers ranked 154th.

Seattle area driver flees after striking motorcyclist

Some of the most difficult motor vehicle accident cases are those that involve a hit-and-run driver. Not only are there challenges when it comes to evidence, but it also makes an unfortunate event all the more disturbing when a driver makes the choice to run from responsibility.

After public outcry, Progressive pays underinsured motorist claim

Here in Seattle, when someone is injured in a car accident with an underinsured motorist, it is generally possible to obtain compensation from your own insurance company. However, insurance companies often put up fights, or simply shortchange victims, when these claims are filed. This is why it is often important for victims to work with a car accident attorney who will stand up for their rights.

In Seattle, 'Ghost bikes' appear at scenes of bicycle accidents

Here in Seattle, many residents have seen white memorial bicycles placed at the scene of fatal bicycle accidents. Residents may not be aware that these memorials, called Ghost Bikes, are showing up all over the world.

3-year-old boy killed in car accident in eastern Washington state

Here in Seattle, parents and other citizens alike are often responsible to protect the children in our communities. Unfortunately, innocent children do sometimes become victims of the negligent or reckless behavior of adults.

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