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Seattle driver crashes into crowd of pedestrians in Fremont

A car accident can take place just about any time in Seattle, but bar closing time is an especially vulnerable window. Even so, pedestrians walking out of a bar together are hardly expecting to be hit by a car while they are minding their own business. However, for a crowd of about 30 people early in the morning of Dec. 10, that is exactly what happened. A man drove a Subaru Forester directly into the crowd in Fremont, striking at least six people and causing serious injuries to at least two of them.It is not exactly clear why the man did what he did, though police said alcohol may have been a factor. Nevertheless, the seemingly reckless actions of this man left one person in critical condition at the hospital after the collision. Another was listed in serious condition at the same Seattle hospital. Two more were listed in stable condition, and the sixth victim suffered seemingly minor injuries and refused further assistance. The driver was also said to suffer minor injuries.

Seattle man charged in car accident that killed two

A Seattle man was recently charged in connection with a motor vehicle accident that killed two people. He will now face two counts of vehicular homicide, one count of reckless endangerment and one count of vehicular assault in the aftermath of the fatal car accident.

Condition of car accident victim upgraded to serious

Car accidents that occur in Seattle during any time of year can be tragic, but when they occur during the holiday season they seem even more so. When a loved one is lost or seriously injured in a car accident, the family has a right to get answers and hold someone accountable for their loss of companionship due to a fatality, or financial losses sustained as a result of serious personal injury. Two Washington families are now struggling to find answers that may hold someone accountable for the tragedies that have fallen on them during this holiday season.The accident occurred the Wednesday before Thanksgiving at approximately 6:30 p.m. State Patrol reports that the accident occurred on Highway 970 approximately nine miles east of Cle Elum. The crash occurred when a Ford Ranger collided with a Ford Taurus.

Car accident seriously injures Seattle area firefighter

In responding to motor vehicle accidents, emergency responders often put their own safety at risk. A recent car accident about twenty miles away from Seattle on Interstate 5 underscored this fact when a man with a fire & rescue team was critically injured. He was taken to an area hospital, where his condition was listed as critical but stable.Reportedly, the car accident happened near Kent during the early morning hours. A pickup truck was traveling on the interstate when it rolled over and came to rest on the left barrier. There were two occupants of the truck, but fortunately neither person received injuries.

Fatal car accident leaves one dead and six others injured

Drivers expect that the roads they travel on will be safe, but when the reckless actions of another results in the death and injury of others, victims and families want to know what happened and who is responsible. The loss of a loved one in such a senseless, tragic manner is always heart-wrenching. Such is the case of a fatal car accident that left one dead and six others injured.

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