I Couldn't Be Happier With Their Service

Ryan Ragona:

Ryan was carefully riding his motorcycle in Seattle when another driver ran a stop sign right across his path. Ryan was unable to stop his motorcycle in time to avoid a collision. He flew over the car and landed on the pavement. As a result of the collision, Ryan suffered a fractured fibula and three torn ligaments in his knee. After surgery and months of physical therapy, Ryan continues to have limited function in his knee as a result of the accident.

When he contacted us we acted fast to document the facts of the accident and to obtain his medical records and bills. Fortunately, there was adequate insurance and we were able to get Ryan a very satisfactory outcome without the need to file a lawsuit.

Ryan Ragona
Ryan Ragona

"I was in a motorcycle accident, and I started calling attorneys to talk about my case. I spoke to Rebecca at Matthew Dubin's firm, and she was immediately friendly, helpful, and very informative. They ended up handling my case, and throughout the entire process everyone was very responsive, and they went out of their way to make the process easier for me. The outcome was very favorable for me, and I couldn't be happier with their service." - Ryan Ragona